Trying to stay afloat during a pandemic

  • May 22
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  • By Stephanie Gonzalez

Coming into 2020, I do not believe any of us could have ever imagined something as detrimental to not only the health of our nation but to businesses nationwide, all due to COVID-19. Now a days, we are all coming to terms with major transitions in our personal and professional lives due to the extremes of social distancing, businesses slowing down and thus feeling like the world is coming to a halt.

Before this pandemic, I was able to come into the office, greet my coworkers, my CEO; we were all just a few steps away. Steps away to seek advice, to vent, and to bounce ideas off one another. Now, we are all working remotely, in isolation. Luckily for technology, we make it a habit to remain in contact and commit to be there for one another mentally and professionally.

What now you ask? Well, this is not the end of our careers. This is not the end of businesses nor is this the end of time. Now is the perfect opportunity (that we are so rarely given) to reflect.

As an employee, if you are under the unfortunate circumstance of being without a job, now is the time to reflect on where you are at mentally and professionally. Where do you envision yourself in the future? How can you use this time in quarantine to reflect on your professional career thus far?

Begin listing out all the skills and strengths you have developed from your work history. How can you use those strengths and skills in the workforce for the future? Utilize this time to revamp your resume that you have just dusted off the shelf. Research unique, descriptive resume samples that can match you to the career path you want to take. Research companies and positions that you would be interested in once the pandemic is over. This is the time to be proactive preparing yourself for your next opportunity, so use this time to follow current trends and must I add, NETWORK. Reach out to old contacts, past colleagues, bosses. How are they holding up? Are they still working? How has the transition been for them? Networking is not just a way of trying to get your foot through the door, networking is about connecting. So, utilize this time to connect with individuals that are in the same position as you because it is clear you are not the only one living through a pandemic.

Being isolated at home, whether with family or friends or simply on your own, can take a severe toll on your mental health. What is important to realize is that all of us are going through the same situation, which means all of us are also thinking of the next steps and how we can all better ourselves once life goes back to normal, or frankly a new normal. 

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